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1-2 july 2021: Conference presentation and final animation at AddimAlliance Conference.

11 june 2021: Conference presentation at Manuf21.

9 february 2021: CEF3D webmeeting of the COSS (Scientific and Strategic Orientation Committee).

27th june 2019 : CEF3D meeting at Tarbes, with the presence of SafranHE.

june 4-6, 2019 : CEF3D is at the 3DPring Lyon exhibition, on Halbronn’s booth.

6 mai 2019 : CEF3D is now on visible on

Thursday, June 14, 2018: CEF3D technical exhibition, with workshops (15 min + 5 min questions):
– Demo on Renishaw AM400 machine
– Design 1: CAD-Machine Link: Halbronn
– Design 2: Prismadd
– Design 3: I3D Concept
– Simulation of the SLM process: ESI Group
– Customer cases and contributions of platform 1: Alstom
– Customer cases and contributions of the platform 2: Cousso
– Visit of the research laboratory.

-> Morning 9h-12h (for teachers, preferably)
-> Afternoon 14h-17h (for industry, preferably)

June 5-6-7, 2018: CEF3D is at the 3D Print show in Lyon,  and hosts a workshop on June 7, 10 am-10:30am: “How to organize a constructive dialogue between the designer FA and the machinist”

12 April 2018: CEF3D meeting of the COSS (Scientific and Strategic Orientation Committee):
– Technical advances and choice of work topic
– Preparation of the open day of June 14, 2018.

March 20, 2018: recruitment of the 2nd dedicated engineer: Antoine VEZIRIAN.

March 2018: launch of the tender for the 2nd machine (delivery in June)

December 2017: reception 1st machine (Renishaw AM400).

November 21-22, 2017: Joint Presence (ESI-Group + Prismadd) at  Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit 2017

November 16, 2017: Joint presentation (Halbronn + Prismadd) + CEF3D presence, at a demonstration day at Halbronn.

October 25, 2017: Joint presentation at the Siane show (video here)

July 2017: Recruitment of Pierre Selva, 1st dedicated CEF3D engineer.